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Welcome to Gardening While Black

Check out our website, Gardening While Black.  We explore the gardening heritage that began in West Africa and was transported to the Americas and Caribbean in the Middle Passage. Explore a treasure trove of gardening wisdom, historical anecdotes, current news/updates and, if you subscribe, a quarterly newsletter.

We hope the content will nourish mind and soul, fostering a deep connection to the land and each other. Gardening While Black will provide News and Updates (conferences, festivals, educational and urban farm events); a compendium of Organizations and Resources devoted to the gardening story from the Middle Passage to the present; an exploration of the roots of our gardening heritage in Sankofa: Go Back and Get It! and, finally, Gardening Chronicles is a reference for select plants of the African Diaspora, gardening resources and a guidebook for plants that connect West Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean.


Step into this world and discover the stories, traditions and values that shape our collective gardening identity.


Let our ancestors and Mother Nature be your guide!


All the best, Tom Mapp

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